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How to get a pay rise and what to do if you don’t get it.

24th November 2020 | Career AdviceInterview TipsJob HuntingPay Review

Let’s face it, we all strive to get paid as much as possible and feel we are appreciated by our employer. When you first accept a job offer, some type of negotiation over salary and benefits would have taken place and normally by the agency representing you.   When we are negotiating for you, we will try to factor some sort of structure around a pay review which would normally be within 6 months of your start date. (more…)

Our recruitment team at YourRecruit Group can make a difference to your hiring process in this challenging market

7th October 2020 | RecruitingYourRecruit

Did you know that in July there were 9.5 million staff who remained on Furlough with approximately 1.2 million employers taking part in the scheme? With November on the horizon and the Furlough scheme ending in October, we expect to see the unemployment rate rise to over 13%. All that said, we are seeing positivity in the marketplace with activity in many sectors and an enormous rise in job postings.   How can our Consultants make a difference to you? With more people...

5 Steps to choosing the right Recruitment Agency

28th August 2020 | Career AdviceDigital interviewsJob HuntingMotivationalRecruitingZoom interviews

Let’s face it, there are loads of recruitment agencies to choose from, 39,232 registered as trading in the UK to be precise. So how on earth do you choose the one you want to represent your company or your job search? Get it wrong and you will certainly regret it. Get it right and you will save time and money as a client and you will have more choices for job opportunities as a candidate. So how on earth do you go about shortlisting agencies and make the final choice?...

Furlough Leave Verus Job Hunting

12th August 2020 | Career AdviceCorona VirusCovid-19

Thousands of us have been in the unusual position of finding ourselves on Furlough leave for the last 3 or even 4 months. You may even be on Furlough leave until the end of October. Who would have ever thought this would ever be the case? Before the word ‘Furlough’ was announced by Rishi Sunak on the 20th March 2020, as a series of wide-ranging measures to assist businesses and employees through the COVID crisis, I, for one had never heard of the word. The word Furlough originated...

Lockdown and beyond…….

16th June 2020 | Career AdviceCorona VirusCovid-19Job HuntingLockdownRecruiting

The last few months have been surreal for all sorts of reasons and at the start of March we watched many of our clients start to get itchy feet, put jobs on hold and cancel temporary bookings due to a virus we knew was coming our way but knew very little about. We sensed we would be in for a rough ride, just like 7 out of 10 businesses who had to take the difficult decision to Furlough their staff. All of our Consultants say that recruitment is in their blood and they love their...

How will the CORONAVIRUS affect your job search and how to overcome it to find your dream Employer

22nd April 2020 | Career AdviceJob HuntingMotivationalNewsRecruitingYourRecruit

There are no two ways about it, the COVID-19 Pandemic will certainly slow your job search down, but in reality there is no reason to stop it completely.  Now is the time to invest your spare time into researching potential companies you're interested in and make a shortlist of those you feel you would like to work for.  Search for testimonials from employees who have worked at your shortlisted companies as these will give you an overall idea of just how they operate from the view of those...


11th March 2020 | Job Market Reports

  Each month we receive the most up-to-date source of monthly UK labour market report with data and analysis.   The Report on Jobs is a monthly publication produced by Markit and sponsored by the Recruitment and Employment Confederation.   The report features original survey data which provide the most up-to-date monthly picture of recruitment, employment, staff availability and employee earnings trends available.   Key points from the March survey: Stronger...

Recruiting in a candidate driven market

3rd March 2020 | Job HuntingMotivationalRecruiting

  Are you finding recruiting top talent is a challenge? Are you finding that candidates are being snapped up before you can turn around? We are!  With the uncertainty of Brexit and a slightly unstable climate we have seen a real shift in the market with clients recruiting.  With this in mind, we wanted to provide some tips on how to secure the candidate you really want!   Dedicate your time to recruitment! Only too often do we take roles in at the end of a...