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Five things to consider when you receive a counter offer…

16th June 2021 | Career AdviceJob Hunting

So, you’ve handed in your notice and you’re ready to leave your job… But just as you’re about to clear your desk – your boss offers you a surprisingly lucrative counter offer. And whether it’s more money, more responsibility or a promotion, deciding whether to accept or reject a counter offer is never an easy choice. To help you decide whether to stay or go, here are five things to consider when you receive a counter offer: (more…)

Interview Preparation – You can never be too prepared !

20th May 2021 | Career AdviceJob HuntingMotivationalRecruiting

Preparing for an interview A job interview can be a daunting experience whether on the phone, digital or face to face. No matter how confident you feel you are it is easy to crumble under pressure. Nerves can get the better of you, and instead of bringing your A-game you become a blabbering wreck. Never fear though, providing you are well prepared you will have nothing to worry about.  Over the years, we have built up the knowledge to help you and we have pulled out the best bits to help...

We’re nearly free!!

29th April 2021 | Career AdviceJob HuntingMotivationalRecruiting

We are nearly free!!  If, like us, you are counting down the days (cautiously of course) to a new normal then now is the time to start making positive changes and here at YourRecruit Group, we are here to help you with just that!   Over the past few months, as things balance on the edge of “normal” we have been looking at how the recruitment journey has been going.  A tough question to be fair!  Yes, it has been hard, but this is from the perspective of the Recruiter, the...

Its time to Spring clean your career!

3rd March 2021 | Career AdviceInterview TipsJob Hunting

As we are fast approaching sunnier times, now is the time to have a Spring clean of your Career! We know that changing job at any time can be extremely daunting, let alone in the middle of a Worldwide Pandemic. This is why, here at YourRecruit, we work tirelessly alongside you to ensure a hands-on approach through out to enhance your recruitment experience in whatever way we can. (more…)

We made it through January!

3rd February 2021 | Career AdviceJob HuntingMotivationalYourRecruit

We made it through January!  Quite frankly, we should all give ourselves a pat on the back for this – I know January’s are long, but really had no idea there were 248 days in January 2021.  However, we are now fully into February, the short month (pay day comes around quicker!) the month of love, the month of breaking New Year’s resolutions completely. (more…)

Happy New Year??

21st January 2021 | Career AdviceJob HuntingLockdownRecruitingYourRecruit

I wonder how everyone is feeling about starting a New Year in full Lockdown again.  Roll back to the 23rd March last year, we were just hearing about the word Lockdown and I think most of us were terrified.  Everything literally stopped overnight, staff prepared to work from home if their company still had any work to do, and thousands of us were put on Furlough Leave (a word I had never heard of). (more…)

2020 has been rubbish; I’m sure we can all agree on this!

4th December 2020 | Career AdviceJob HuntingMotivational

2020 has been rubbish; I’m sure we can all agree on this!  Pull up a chair, pour yourself a coffee (or tea) and let’s chat about how we can make 2021 better! Let’s put all the fears behind us when it comes to moving on – we all have to take the leap at some stage so why not now.  Yes, there will be challenges but I’m sure we can overcome them together. (more…)

How to get a pay rise and what to do if you don’t get it.

24th November 2020 | Career AdviceInterview TipsJob HuntingPay Review

Let’s face it, we all strive to get paid as much as possible and feel we are appreciated by our employer. When you first accept a job offer, some type of negotiation over salary and benefits would have taken place and normally by the agency representing you.   When we are negotiating for you, we will try to factor some sort of structure around a pay review which would normally be within 6 months of your start date. (more…)

5 Steps to choosing the right Recruitment Agency

28th August 2020 | Career AdviceDigital interviewsJob HuntingMotivationalRecruitingZoom interviews

Let’s face it, there are loads of recruitment agencies to choose from, 39,232 registered as trading in the UK to be precise. So how on earth do you choose the one you want to represent your company or your job search? Get it wrong and you will certainly regret it. Get it right and you will save time and money as a client and you will have more choices for job opportunities as a candidate. So how on earth do you go about shortlisting agencies and make the final choice?...