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2020 has been rubbish; I’m sure we can all agree on this!

4th December 2020 | Career AdviceJob HuntingMotivational

2020 has been rubbish; I’m sure we can all agree on this!  Pull up a chair, pour yourself a coffee (or tea) and let’s chat about how we can make 2021 better!

Let’s put all the fears behind us when it comes to moving on – we all have to take the leap at some stage so why not now.  Yes, there will be challenges but I’m sure we can overcome them together.


Make a list (I love a list) bullet points of why you are looking for a new role as let’s be honest, there must be a reason.

What do you dislike about your current role?

What new challenges do you want to face?

What personal development are you looking for?

Once you have these clearly in your mind, start thinking about the direction you want to go in and what your strengths and weaknesses are (maybe make another list?!)

Then you come to us and let us help you.  Seek professional advice from knowledgeable consultants who know their beans.  Of course, 2020 hasn’t gone to plan but everyone is moving into 2021 in a positive way – clients are hiring; building businesses back up and candidates are more focussed than ever in finding the right role.

Here at YourRecruit, we can talk to you about your job search, what makes you happy and what drives you.  Don’t panic about it ‘not being the right time’, it never is! The right time is when YOU want to make it happen and the right time for us at Your Recruit is ALWAYS.

Call us; we can help you write that list and sashay into 2021 like you rule the world.