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As the Furlough scheme comes to an end – what next?

16th July 2021 | Career AdviceJob HuntingRecruitingYourRecruit


As our Furlough scheme draws to a close, we expect the candidate driven market to change into a client driven market.

You have probably heard the expressions ‘candidate driven market’ and ‘client driven market’ before but have not necessarily known what these terms refer to.Our current market is an out-and-out ‘candidate driven market’ because currently there are a lack of candidates available and this is probably due to an underlining lack of confidence in the jobs market, mainly resulting from the Coronavirus Pandemic and the Furlough scheme.

As the Furlough Scheme winds down, we expect the market to flip over night to a ‘client driven market’. Jobs will be harder to get as more candidates become available and jobs get filled more easily.

Once again, the client is king resulting in the candidates having more competition when applying for jobs. The jobs will be filled quickly and efficiently, and the market will steady, and job openings will slow down.

This is not necessarily a negative outcome; the UK will level out to a stable, considered job market where candidates apply for new roles where they are moving up or sideways in their careers because this is the natural progression.

We talk to hundreds of candidates each week and many of them are reticent about moving jobs or are on the Furlough scheme, and do not want to take the risk of leaving a scheme that has provided an income for the last 18 months. This is all about to change. If you are a serious job hunter, now is the time to move, do not waste time or dilly dally. Ring us to discuss your job requirements, get your CV updated and take the jump now before it is too late, and the jobs market becomes trickier and more overcrowded.

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