Advice for Candidates

Help our recruitment process run smoothly by following our top tips for candidates:

The recruitment market is a very competitive one – If you are looking for a role, be prepared to answer your mobile or respond to a text as our recruiters will make contact with you as soon as you send your details to us or respond to one of our job adverts.  Recruitment can happen at a fast pace and candidates need to react quickly.

References and DBS’s – If you are required to give any information, for example, for a reference or DBS, do this as soon as you are asked and don’t delay.  Start dates can be pushed back by several weeks or even a month if you don’t let us have the required information as quickly as possible.

Listen to your Recruitment Consultant – the advice of your Recruitment Consultant is paramount.  They will provide you with full in-depth interview preparation, take notes and feel free to ask as many questions as you need to.  This will ensure you are ready to leave a positive impression at your interview.

Research – make sure you do your own research on the company you are applying for, find out who owns the nursery, how many children they can accommodate and how many rooms they have.  Don’t leave anything to chance as you will need to demonstrate your knowledge of the nursery you are applying to.  Being unprepared won’t put your dedication to job hunting in the best light and you may well miss the opportunity of a job offer due to this.

Feedback goes both ways – following your interview, make sure you give your feedback to your Recruiter, be honest if the role is not for you. We will not take offence and this way we can speak to you about other roles that may be suitable for you.

Other opportunities – your Recruitment Consultant will have other roles they can offer you, so please ensure you keep your Consultant up to date with any changes to your career choice or should you be offered a job elsewhere.  This way we can ensure our own data base is up to date and we are not trying to contact you needlessly.

Our Recruitment Consultants are passionate about what they do.  They work tirelessly to secure new jobs for our candidates and derive a great of satisfaction from placing candidates in new jobs.  The relationship between our Recruiters and their candidates is a two way street and keeping in touch with one another is key to a successful working relationship.

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