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Happy New Year??

21st January 2021 | Career AdviceJob HuntingLockdownRecruitingYourRecruit

I wonder how everyone is feeling about starting a New Year in full Lockdown again.  Roll back to the 23rd March last year, we were just hearing about the word Lockdown and I think most of us were terrified.  Everything literally stopped overnight, staff prepared to work from home if their company still had any work to do, and thousands of us were put on Furlough Leave (a word I had never heard of).

Speaking to lots of candidates , we are noticing that there is reticence to moving jobs currently and although this is understandable, we do stress that there is no need to put your lives on hold due to Coronavirus.  In fact, now is an excellent time to change careers altogether or move to a different company.

Remember,  any company who is recruiting mid Lockdown is serious, they  know their financial status and are coping well in the current challenging climate.  We are so near to a vaccine and it will be surprising how quickly people will become confident again and spread their ‘job searching wings’.  Do not get left behind, we can see that the job market will be extremely competitive in the not-too-distant future as confidence grows and we start opening the country up again.

It is a bit of a balancing act, but we have a lot of experience in reading the job market and can see it flying sometime soon.

Let us help you.  We can share our knowledge and experience with you and help you with your job search, in fact it would be a privilege.  Make 2021 your year and start exploring your job options.

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