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Finding the Right Company to Work For?

1st November 2019 | Job HuntingMotivational

In a candidate-driven market, YOU are in the driving seat! Increased competition means that clients are having to up their game in order to attract the best candidates in the market. So how do you ensure that you are finding the right company for you?

Research the company – start on their website; clients often have an ‘about us’ section which explains more about the organization, how they were set-up and what their ethos and values are. This gives you the chance to really understand the organization as a whole, and to see if their values fit in with yours. Client websites will often also include profiles of current staff and are often injected with some personality, giving you the chance to see if it’s a team you could work with. We all spend far too long at work not to get along with the people we work with!

Look at the company on Social Media – companies often invest a lot in their social media presence.  If they have a Facebook page, Instagram page and LinkedIn profile, look at all of these to give you an idea if they are the sort of company you would like to work for. You could Google them to see if any associated news stories appear about them. You could also look on websites such as Glassdoor, which contain real, (anonymous)! reviews by staff currently employed by the company.

Ensure that when you interview, you have a list of questions ready to ask. Write the answers down, and make sure you have fully explored the role including possible career prospects, what the plans are for the company over the next five years, and how the employer sees the role developing. Make sure you ask about company culture and team / personality fit, as this is important! If there is the opportunity, ask to spend some time with the team you would be working with; this will give you a real insight into the what the day to day job would entail and will give you the chance to meet the team you would be working with (as opposed to just the decision maker who conducting the interview who may well not have much to do with you on a day to day basis).

Finally, don’t be pressured into making a decision if you have received an offer of employment but aren’t sure. Don’t be afraid to ask for some more time if you need to consider an offer. Ensure that you have the full details, such as benefits, working hours, career prospects as well as the salary offered. Ensure that you have worked out your commute (and costs involved in this) and your finances before committing to anything. After all, it’s a big decision and you need to ensure you are making the right one.

These days, just securing your perfect job isn’t enough – prospective employees want a match for the right team fit, the right working environment, the right career progression and the right company ethos and values. By the same token, companies are looking for candidates who will stay with them for the long-term, so it’s vital that both parties do everything they can to ensure a strong match in all areas.