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Thanks a million…

3rd December 2018 | MotivationalNewsYourRecruit

December is a festive month, and also a reflective one. Undoubtedly, it is a time of thanks and appreciation. Internally, we are mega grateful for our MD and our Directors. However, this blog is for you.

This year has been a challenge for many, (do we need to say the ‘B’ word?!) but we have experienced success and really good times. Obviously, GDPR has affected nearly every business in the UK however, it is pleasing for us to realise that we actually conformed to so many requirements before the legislation came in. We are actually really proud of our database; it is concise, up-to-date and ethical.

At YourRecruit, we are looking back at our year and we have our wonderful candidates and clients to thank.


We had a cake sale for St. Catherine’s Hospice…

Some of us slightly overindulged, but we had a huge figure to beat from 2017.

We rowed a dragon boat in treacherous conditions to raise money for St. Catherine’s Hospice…

Maybe we are exaggerating over the ‘treacherous conditions’. Luckily, nobody fell in the lake and the weather was much better than the previous year. We didn’t win overall, but we took a huge victory against two other recruitment agencies in our final race. I am pretty sure that is a metaphor for something!

We celebrated raising over £2,000 for St. Catherine’s Hospice with a barbecue…

We know an ice cream van isn’t a barbecue, but we want to remember how amazing the ice cream van was – Baileys ice cream, what more could anyone want?

Finally, we moved offices to accommodate for all our growth and expansion…

It doesn’t look like that now!

Thanks for the success

Ultimately, we have had a record breaking year for placements, and this is because of the loyalty and integrity of our clients and candidates. Therefore, we want to raise our glasses to you…thank you for a brilliant 2018.

Every single one of us is eagerly anticipating 2019 – see you there!