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The Settling in Period!

5th July 2018 | Career AdviceInterview TipsJob HuntingMotivationalNews


Great, you have a new job!  You have handed in your notice at your old job, shed a few tears to be leaving your friends and colleagues and now it is time to start at your new company!


Your First Day

You have your best outfit on and a winning smile for your new team.  Your first day will be filled with induction, training, seeing your new desk and general administrative tasks.  You may need to complete paperwork for HR including contracts, bank details and health and safety training – remember to take along your P45 and bank details.


Your First Week

You might be training for the whole of the first week, learning about products, databases and general processes.  There will be a lot to take in, make sure you take notes that you will understand when you look back at them and speak up if you have any questions.  Training can be tiring, but ensure that you still show your enthusiasm and passion for the role.  It is really important to be on time for training, paying close attention and asking any questions.


Your First Month

Training is over, you are actually doing the job.  This is possibly the most stressful period in any new role.  There is still loads to learn, you may not be as quick on the systems as some of your colleagues and you might be wondering if it would have been easier if you had stayed where you were!

Remember why you left your old job, what made you excited about this job and the career prospects you have now.  If you are struggling with anything remember to ask your colleagues or team manager for help, they all want you to succeed and settle in well.


The First Three Months

By now you should be nearly settled and feel more confident that you are learning aspects of the role – you won’t know it all but you can find the information!  You may have been out with your new workmates socially and even made new friends.  It takes time but you are getting there!

Even if you have a few areas where you feel you are behind, still ask your team manager for help.  Most managers would hate to think that you are worrying about anything when the answer might be simply to spend a couple of hours sitting with them or a colleague to give you the confidence you need!


Enjoy your new role, take time to settle in and don’t panic!  You can speak to any of your managers or your recruitment consultant if you have any concerns or are worried about anything.  We all want you to be happy with your new company and develop within your new role.