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Your first professional interview? What you need to know….

14th June 2018 | Career AdviceInterview TipsJob HuntingUncategorized

Great news!  You have an interview, an opportunity to meet with an employer face to face.

How are you going to prepare for this?


Where are you going?

Do you know exactly where you are going and how you are going to get there?  If you are driving, where are you going to park – will you pay with an app or do you need change?  If you are on public transport have you checked for any engineering works or other potential delays or diversions?  Always allow yourself plenty of time to get there and aim to arrive ten minutes early.  If you are delayed make sure that you let your consultant know as soon as possible.


What are you going to wear?

This is your first chance to make a good impression and we would always recommend smart business dress for interviews.  Of course you should be comfortable in what you are wearing, but the fashion for low hung jeans, shoes with no socks or vest or cropped tops is not professional attire!  We would recommend tailored trousers with shirt and tie, ideally with a suit jacket for men and for ladies trousers or skirt (not too short) with a nice top or a professional dress ideally with a suit jacket.


Personal Presentation…. This might get personal….

First impressions can count for a lot so make sure you are well presented.  Clean nails, tidy hair and smelling fresh, piercings kept to a minimum and clean shaven or a trimmed beard will all show that you have made an effort.  If you are wearing make-up remember to keep it neutral, you can brighten it up for a night out!  Tattoos, once a touchy subject…. We would recommend covering them where possible with a longer sleeved top but feel free to ask your consultant about the clients’ views, or ask at interview.


Interview preparation

We will give you all of the details you need to help you get prepared for your interview.  You can help yourself by re-reading the role details and thinking about what skills and experience you have that would be useful within the position; Teamwork, strong communication, leadership, customer service skills are all great to talk about at interview.  Take a copy of your CV, the role details and if you feel that you may crack under pressure in the interview take a notebook with some examples of how you can demonstrate your skills neatly written, as well as any questions you may have.  If you want help preparing call your consultant, we are always happy to help.


Introduction and departure

Introduce yourself with a smile, a firm handshake and a ‘nice to meet you’.  Remember to speak clearly, it is easy to mumble or speak very quietly when you are nervous.  Throughout your interview remember to focus on the interviewer, listen to what they are asking and maintain eye contact.  They may tell a joke or funny story to put you at ease, it is fine to laugh!  At the end of your interview, thank the interviewer for their time, say it was a pleasure to meet them and give another firm handshake.


You’ve done it!

After your interview, remember to leave the premises before getting your phone out or searching for cigarettes if you are a smoker.  Once you have left and taken a few deep breaths, remember to call your consultant to let us know how it went and what you think of the company.