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Searching for a job? Here’s why you need to work with a trusted recruiter!

25th May 2018 | Interview TipsJob Hunting

Whether you are a student who’s about to graduate, or you’re someone who’s looking for new career opportunities, working with a recruiter is a great way to find your next challenge!

So, you’ve decided that you want to find a new job or you’re about to get your foot on the career ladder, where do you start? Most applications are now completed online and getting your CV in front of the hiring manager is more difficult than ever!

We are going to look at how working with a recruiter would benefit you on your job search. There is some stigma surrounding recruiters, but we want to assure you that by working with an experienced team of recruitment experts, such as those at YourRecruit Group, it will prove nothing but advantageous in your job search.

Let’s take a look at the benefits!

Gain unbiased, professional support.

Putting together and preparing an eye-catching CV isn’t easy. There is so many different formats for a CV – should it be on a maximum of 2 pages? What key information do you need – the list is endless!

Should one CV cover you for all the different types of jobs you apply for? As a recruitment agency who has been successfully working with candidates to secure new roles for years, we can help with all of these questions. We have sound experience of what works and what doesn’t.

As an agency, we can meet with you face-to-face or register your details over the telephone. We’ll be able to look at your CV and help you to highlight your experience and skill set.

Once an employer likes a resume, they will want to bring you in for an interview. We will be able to prepare you for that too. Better still, we know the employer and we know what they are looking for, so we’re in a fantastic position to advise you.

Recruiters have developed a large network.

You will never find a recruiter sitting back waiting for CVs and job roles to just come in. At YourRecruit Group, we have built a large network of both clients and candidates and take great pride in being able to find the perfect match. There’s nothing better than being able to call a candidate and let them know they have got the job!

Equally, if our candidate hasn’t been successful, we will always gain constructive feedback from the client and feedback back to you in order to help you prepare for your next interview.

Recruiters are constantly in the job market.

We are always looking around at the latest vacancies – and the hottest candidates too.

Upon reviewing applications and after sourcing from the top job boards, should a candidate jump out as an ideal match for our roles, or we find a role that sounds like your perfect job upon registering you, then we will be straight in touch.

It is always a compliment that a recruiter has been in contact – so if you receive a call, it is always worth hearing what they have to say.

Even if the role they have called you about isn’t suitable for you, you may have a friend who would be interested, or the recruiter may have an alternative position they could discuss with you – us recruiters are never working on fulfilling just the one role!

**Did you know, we pay up to £250 for friend referrals? Find out more about our amazing referral scheme – maybe you have a talented friend who could fill one of our roles!

Recruiters will get you one foot in the door right away.

Because we have built great working relationships with our clients over the many years that we have worked with them, we’ve had the opportunity to understand their specification to the fullest.

We understand what they’re looking for in a candidate, which enables us to sell the ideal candidate for the position they are hiring for – by ideal candidate, we mean you!

No need to join a backlog of online CVs.

Some candidates like to surf the internet and apply for jobs online. Recruiters on the other hand speak directly to those employers looking to hire candidates. This means they can often fast track you to the front of the queue.

We can basically see into the future for jobs…

Going back to the point that we are always on the market, we equally know of new roles before they are even advertised. And because of this, we’re able to advise or recommend candidates even before the job is posted.

We often foresee how an industry is set to adapt too. This means we are in a great position to know what type of candidate is going to be in-demand for a specific industry and advise you on your career prospective. Maybe there’s a job out there for you that you didn’t even know existed!

It’s free using a recruitment consultant.

That’s right, signing up to a recruitment agency is free!

It’s the employers who pay for the expertise of a recruitment agency, candidates don’t have to pay a penny to work with a recruitment agency. You’ll essentially have someone working with you to find that job you’re looking for, free of charge. You couldn’t ask for a better service!

It just so happens, you are on a recruiter’s website right now!

If you would like to work with a successful and extremely professional (yet friendly) agency to support you in your job search, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team.

Please call us TODAY at our head office on 01883 330 336 or by dropping us an email to: info@yourrecruit.com.