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Spring to Life

14th May 2019 | Career AdviceJob Hunting

SPRING TO LIFE!  Spring is in full swing now that the sun has made an appearance, and what better way to celebrate a time of new beginnings than by starting a new job?! Maybe you’re new to the job hunt or have been searching for a while, either way here are four great ways you can give your job search a boost with a spring clean! Dust off the cobwebs – clean up your CV Did you know that it only takes recruiters and Direct employers just 6 seconds to decide whether they want to...

Can you believe grown adults ghost?

26th October 2018 | Career AdviceJob HuntingRecruiting

I know, right? It seems that despite the fact the adult population is actually adult - they do not act like it. Picture this You trawl the job boards and applications for excellent candidates. Next, you discover an outstanding CV. After, you call them and book them to come in and register with you, so that you can assist in their job search. They come in and they are great; you send their CV to a variety of clients. Unsurprisingly, the clients select them for interviews....

Your first professional interview? What you need to know….

14th June 2018 | Career AdviceInterview TipsJob HuntingUncategorized

Great news!  You have an interview, an opportunity to meet with an employer face to face. How are you going to prepare for this?   Where are you going? Do you know exactly where you are going and how you are going to get there?  If you are driving, where are you going to park – will you pay with an app or do you need change?  If you are on public transport have you checked for any engineering works or other potential delays or diversions?  Always allow yourself plenty of...

Searching for a job? Here’s why you need to work with a trusted recruiter!

25th May 2018 | Interview TipsJob Hunting

Whether you are a student who’s about to graduate, or you’re someone who’s looking for new career opportunities, working with a recruiter is a great way to find your next challenge! So, you’ve decided that you want to find a new job or you’re about to get your foot on the career ladder, where do you start? Most applications are now completed online and getting your CV in front of the hiring manager is more difficult than ever! We are going to look at how working with a recruiter...

Refer a friend and claim up to £250 worth of Amazon Vouchers

27th January 2018 | Job HuntingMotivationalNewsRecruitingYourRecruit

If you recommend a friend to us, we’ll give you up to £250 in Amazon Vouchers. At YourRecruit Group we’re committed to expanding our network of professionals looking for a new career opportunity. Recommend a friend to YourRecruit Group today and you can claim up to £250 worth of Amazon Vouchers. Please ask your recommendation to send their CV to info@yourrecruit.com, giving your name as a reference. **Please note, in order to claim your voucher for successfully helping your...

How to organise your job search – useful advice

10th November 2017 | Job Hunting

So you have started your job hunt and just sent your CV to a few places, right? Well that is not enough anymore. Take your job hunting as a project and like any other project, make your plan and list your actions. To give yourself the best chance to be noticed, amongst the hundreds of other applicants for the same job, you need to look into a few things. At YourRecruit we always advise our candidates with these few tips: Online profiles Like it or not, people will want to know the real...