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Can you believe grown adults ghost?

26th October 2018 | Career AdviceJob HuntingRecruiting

I know, right? It seems that despite the fact the adult population is actually adult – they do not act like it.

Picture this

You trawl the job boards and applications for excellent candidates. Next, you discover an outstanding CV. After, you call them and book them to come in and register with you, so that you can assist in their job search. They come in and they are great; you send their CV to a variety of clients. Unsurprisingly, the clients select them for interviews. Then…nothing.

Nothing, nada, nichts. No phone call, no text, no email. The candidate was keen, qualified and seemingly professional and is now absolutely unreachable and you are completely astonished as a result.


They have ghosted you. You become a victim of ghosting. Many may feel that ghosting is only a thing experienced during dating, but it happens in recruitment. Frustratingly, it doesn’t seem to matter what kind of relationship you foster with your candidates, some of them disappear regardless. In fact, it could be that strong relationships exacerbate ghosting.

Ghosting recruiters cannot be purely out of rudeness. We imagine that it is instead embarrassment or anxiety. Embarrassed that they “led us on”, and anxiety because they think we might shout at them. Our consultants do not become angry with their candidates. We do understand how, sometimes, a job isn’t right. Or perhaps, a candidate’s circumstances are such that they have to take the first role offered to them. It is okay. Honestly, it is okay.

Just tell us. Honestly, be open and transparent and if you don’t feel like talking, you can send a text! However, clarity from the first conversation helps avoid any awkward situations. If we know you are interviewing elsewhere then we can plan for this.