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Why have we been channelling Ross from Friends this past week?

1st October 2018 | MotivationalNewsYourRecruit

“Pivot, pivot, PIVOT”

We all remember that episode of Friends, where Ross and Chandler were manoeuvring a large sofa down the apartment block’s stairs, whilst Rachel coolly assisted. However, she soon idly stepped away when the instructions became a bit too…real. The word “pivot” never had the same meaning again.

It was a bit like that on Friday. Despite only moving down a floor and along an – albeit labyrinthine – corridor, the pressure was on. Crates of computers, telephones, headsets and crates of our own personal accoutrements – it definitely wasn’t me with three different types of hot sauce – made their way down quite quickly. In actual fact, there was probably a lot less shouting and fussing than Ross, but it felt important. Why did it feel important?

YourRecruit has been operating for over twenty years, and has experienced particularly quick growth over the last few years. Our new Head Office is double the size of our last one and very beautiful. It really is. We have so much space, our own kitchen, lots of windows, an Alexa, and new members of staff starting next week. It is like Christmas and all of our birthdays at the same time. The new office marks the next chapter in the YourRecruit journey.

But don’t just take it from me…here is what some of the rest of the team have to say:

“The move made me feel worried/excited/nervous/relieved/ petrified/happy and that was just on Friday.  Walking into the new office first thing Monday morning, was like a breath of fresh air.  We suddenly have room to think and windows everywhere.  It is certainly the start of a new and exciting phase for us!”

Nicky Sales, MD

“As stressful as I thought it would be, it wasn’t at all! We all pulled together and worked well and got the job done, even making time for some Pizza!”

Charlie Reeves, Senior IT Consultant

“The move went better than I could have hoped for!!  By the end of the day, I felt relieved, elated, exhausted and on a high!  It was a very successful day with team work being the main driver of the early completion of the move and made the day very enjoyable!!  The WOW factor when I walked back into the office on Monday morning was amazing and gave a real sense of achievement.”

Melanie Donohue, HR & Compliance Advisor

“I can only mimic what Nicky and Charlie have said. The thought of the move was scary – all the things to consider, the lay out etc, however it was far from stressful, in fact I would say that as a team (and with the help received) we worked like troopers and I would say was a great team building/problem solving experience!! Coming into the beaut of the office that we have makes me, and I am sure for everyone else, feel very excited; this is certainly a thrilling new chapter of the big YourRecruit story.”

Laura Hitchens, Director of Recruitment Services


We are ridiculously happy to be embarking on our next adventure in our new Head Office. If you would like to register, or meet to discuss your recruitment needs in our fantastic new office, call us on 01883 330 336.