Book a temp

We have a large temporary team ready and waiting on our data base.  All of our temps have attended an interview in our office, been ID checked, referenced, skills checked and completed a numeracy and English test.

You can book a temp for as little as half a day with many of our temps working for weeks or even months in the same company.

Our fee structure is transparent and we ask you to decide upon the hourly rate you wish to pay the candidate to complete the task, we then add all statutory costs such as holiday pay and N.I before adding our competitive administration margin.  Invoices are normally payable within 7 days however once you have built up your credit history with us we can expect payment within 30 days.

When booking a temp we will normally confirm the name of the temp both verbally and in writing within 30 minutes, however this will depend upon the nature of the booking and whether the booking is current or in the future.

Nicky Waiton is our Head Office Temps Consultant and runs a happy and efficient temps desk with hundreds of temporary roles all year round.  Nicky can be contacted on 0800 316 8699 and would be delighted to hear from you.  If you are interested in booking a temp at any of our other branches please use our Freephone number and you will be directed to the Temps Consultant looking after that branch.