Temp Holiday Pay

Holiday FAQs

Here is everything you need to know about holidays.

Our holiday pay process is used to book holiday and administer payment for holidays that you take. It relates to PAYE and student workers only; if you are a limited company worker or are working through an umbrella company, you will receive your holiday pay through the limited company. The annual entitlement for holiday is pro-rated for part-time workers.

What’s the benefit to me as a worker?

Providing you have accrued enough holiday pay you will be paid when you take annual leave.  You are required to request your leave using our ‘Holiday form’.  Holiday will only be paid on receipt of this form.

What does ‘accrued’ mean?

‘Accrued’ pay or holiday pay is holiday pay that is ‘banked’ or accumulated.  You accrue holiday pay for each hour that you work.

Can I opt out of holiday pay?

No. This scheme has been introduced after a ruling made by the European Court of Justice and is now a legal requirement in the UK.

When does the holiday year run from and to?

Your holiday year starts on the first day of your first temp booking and continues for 12 months afterwhich a new holiday year will begin.

Holiday pay calculation and payment

The holiday pay rate is based on your average pay rate for the preceding 12 weeks worked at the time your holiday is paid.

Why is holiday pay being accrued from my overtime?

Temporary workers are considered to be self-employed, so they don’t have standard hours. Working Time Regulations require YourRecruit to include all hours you work when calculating your holiday entitlement and average rate of pay. Holiday pay is accrued on basic working hours and any overtime, but bonuses are excluded.

How do I check how much holiday I have accrued?

Your accumulated holiday pay is shown on your payslip. You will be able to see the holiday accumulated during the working week and the accumulated holiday that you have in total.

Will I be able to claim holiday pay without a holiday being taken?

Holiday pay can only be paid for holiday taken. The legislation does not allow holiday pay to be paid for any reason other than holiday.

Do I get paid on bank holidays?

Yes, if you have any holiday accrued. To claim your holiday entitlement on bank holidays you will need to ensure a holiday request form has been completed and emailed to tempadmin@yourrecruit.com

If I want to take a bank holiday off, how far in advance should I book it?

Taking bank holidays off is very popular, so book these holidays as early as possible.

Can I carry over holiday entitlement to the next holiday year?

Any holiday entitlement must be taken during the course of the holiday year in which it is accrued. You cannot carry any over to next year, so you must use it or you will lose it.

Can I be paid holiday if my holiday entitlement is not sufficient to cover the booked holiday period?

If you do not have enough holiday pay accrued you will not be paid for holiday, you can still take time off but this leave will be unpaid.

When will I be paid my holiday pay?

Your holiday pay will be paid weekly in arrears in the same way as hours worked are paid.

If I have finished my assignment and do not start the next assignment immediately, do I need to request my P45 to claim my holiday entitlement?

No, the entitlement remains with you, and should you take on a further assignment your accrual will continue to accumulate. If you have a gap between assignments, we would suggest that you book this time as holiday.

How will I be paid my outstanding holiday entitlement, when I cease to work on YourRecruit temporary assignments?

If you leave please request your P45 and all outstanding holiday pay will be paid to you.

Is holiday pay taxed?

Yes, it is taxed when it is paid, not when it is deducted.